Low poly models. Papercraft

A video in which I tell you why templates rarely come out.

How to make a masterpiece from paper.

Thank you @paperlove_md for the photos and assembly.

Thank you for the idea with the bouquet @ sova.bouquet.

Sleeping for Raccoon is also a job.

If someone wants a raccoon of their own, you can download the template for free on the site.

Thank you for the assembly and photo @paperlove_md.

Test version of the assembly tyrannosaurus. The template is free, so you can also collect such a dinosaur for yourself.

The template is paid. The main difficulty in the assembly - it is eight limbs. Newbies may not be able to cope with this, but for an experienced assembler this should not be a problem.

This template was made for such a popular holiday as Easter.

A different design principle was originally planned, but it was unsuccessful during assembly. Therefore, it turned out such a final version.

Test assembly of a cat. The template is paid, additional information here.

At the time of assembly, it was found that in the abdominal area the paper has a low stiffness, as a result of which there was a probability of a violation of the model's shape. To avoid such problems, an additional wall stiffness was made. As a result, the model turns out the same as it was intended.

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