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How to make a paper shape from a papercraft template

Tools that are needed when assembling paper figures.

1. Paper. Please note that for the assembly of paper figures, paper of increased density is required, office paper will not work in this case.

2. Printer. Required for printing a PDF template on paper.

3. Pen or awl. Used for scoring. The pen must be empty.

4. Knife or scissors. With their help, printed circuits are cut out.

5. Ruler. Used in conjunction with a cutting knife.

6. Cutting board. Used in conjunction with a cutting knife.

7. Glue.

After the sheets are printed, the following steps must be taken.

1. Score. We draw a pen or an awl along the fold lines.

2. Cut out the details. For cutting, use a knife or scissors.

3. We bend the details. The template has two types of lines. We bend the dotted lines towards ourselves. Bend the dash-dotted line away from you.

4. We glue the parts.

We get the final result.

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