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What if you paint a paper model with a marker?

06.11.2018 1516

This article will show an illustrative example of what will happen if you paint a paper model of a spider with a marker. The marker can be purchased at any office supply store. I got it on an alcohol basis.



The process of painting the spider turned out to be quite fascinating, but still, during the painting, there were some places that could not be reached by a marker, without prejudice to the paper sculpture. You should also note that there are areas with glue, which are formed by inaccurate gluing and are not visible on the paper layer. When painting with a marker, these areas become noticeable as they acquire a brighter shade.



The result was such a funny spider. In the distance, it looks very good, especially if it is hung somewhere on a string. The thread, in turn, will play the role of a web, and give greater entertainment.



As it turned out, near the paper model does not look as neat as in the distance. Perhaps, the fact that I do not have artistic skills played a role here.



Nevertheless, if the model is designed just to please the eye of the viewer from a distance, then the marker will help us in this. But if the model is large, you should still consider another method of painting, since large models will take a lot of time for painting. It should also be noted that there are water-based markers, which are also not recommended to use, due to the fact that irregularities appear on the paper figure. After such a painting, the sculpture will not look very nice.

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