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Paper wonder pig. And he is so alone!

05.11.2018 1343

We say "Prepare a cart in the winter, and a sleigh in the summer" ("Give to Bear balalayka before he drinks vodka"). This means prepare in advance for famous events. So. We will look at the Chinese calendar (who do not have it?) And see that the 2019th is “appointed” by the Year of the Pig. It is already clearer what kind of pig you can put your friends under the tree. )


Piglet! Not alive (so as not to run away) and not ... fried (so that the vegans are not offended). That is, of course, paper! I can do that.


And I must say, in the whole immense Internet there are a few scrolls of pigs for paper assembly. And sweet and incredibly charming is only one. From the talented @anima_papir. Resolved! If you spend time on mess, then only on this.



The template was very, very considered: the parts are numbered in the order of assembly and tightly arranged in colors. Therefore, do not have to translate colored paper in vain.


Initially, the author proposes to use five colors: peach (body), orange (penny and hooves), pink (ears and mouth), black and white (eyes). Everything is obvious, but too standard. Far removed the Chinese calendar? - We take again and look. What color is the Pig in 2019? - Yellow! “That's it!” - I won't need peach paper. I take the yellow one.


It was no coincidence that I had a pack of sheets of this color. I was delighted. I figured out enough sheets. Grieved.


It was not at all an option to postpone the assembly until the trip the next day for paper to another part of the city. Therefore, once again I use the “magic wand” - a white drawing paper (cut into A4 format).


Whatsman (produced by Goznak, if anyone is interested) I completely seal on one side with the desired color (inkjet printer with CISS of Epson L800 type - it takes cardboard well and doesn't ruin the ink). I get the right amount of yellow paper on one side. Tint take pastel. Piggy, yes.


I print it out. I press the places of the folds, cut out, glue!


This “not quite designer” paper is perfectly glued with stationery glue. This is just a branded white-green tube from the Auchan store. The glue is colorless, but random spots are not always removed from a drawing paper. Be careful.


Size suggests.



In the assembly everything is traditional. The most difficult places for me are the attachment of paws with the body of a pig. The rest is usually predictable. If this is your first job, you will not do without flaws. But the result, you'll see, it's worth it!


The pig was bigger than I expected. But exactly the same incredible as in the photo of the author !!! Gently took her by the pig nose and carried her to the park.



Eh! That feeling, when your pig has an autumn photo shoot in the foliage, and you do not ...)




Enjoy your creativity, friends!




Author: Ivan Belkin @fun2stic

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