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Papercraft. How to make a paper model

11.07.2018 1877

This article is primarily devoted to beginners in this matter. All the recommendations that are described here are built on my personal experience. In the future, based on personal experience, you can adjust the process of creating paper sculptures for you.

1. What will it take to work?


1.1. Paper. Do not use ordinary office paper for your work! To work, you need a paper with a density of not less than 160 gsm, you can use a more dense (the choice of density depends on the size of the model). There are many types of paper, but the most accessible is the paper for drawing.

1.2. Printer. For these purposes, a home printer that can handle 160-200 gsm.

1.3. Pen or awl will be needed to scoop paper. If the pen is used, it must be taken into account that the pen bar must be empty (without the paste), and the tip is as sharp as possible.

1.4. A knife or scissors is necessary for cutting out contours. Here you already choose with what you are more comfortable working, but still if you attract children to such things, the safest option is still the scissors.

1.5. Ruler - here you should pay attention to the material and size. You can use plastic or metal, it's better to forget about the wooden ruler. Ruler should not be very long, because a large size causes inconvenience in use. The most suitable size is 20 cm.

1.6. Board. This is what you will cut out the paper in if you use a knife. There are special mock-up mats, but still, for the first time, a kitchen cutting board (it is cheaper and easier to buy) is suitable. Board material - plastic, wood not use!

1.7. Glue. Do not use a glue stick, do not hold it for long, and in general, nothing good will happen to it! In my opinion, for the beginning assembler, the best option is PVA glue (polyvinyl acetate). In the future, you can find for yourself something more suitable.


2. Assembly process:

assembly process


3. The assembly process by example.


3.1. We print sheets


3.2. Score (we conduct on lines with a small push)


3.3. Cutting out


3.4. We bend


3.5. Glue


3.6. We get the result

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