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Сreation of paper model cocker spaniel

28.06.2018 1431

This article shows a brief process for creating a paper model of a Cocker Spaniel from a template that can be downloaded here.

The information provided is suitable for familiarization to those who only decided to contact such a technique as Papercraft. Seeing for the first time a paper figure of an animal, a person, something else or someone, the reader may be interested, perhaps he will want to do something like that if there is such an opportunity.

But if you see such things for the first time, how to evaluate whether it is worth taking up such work? Therefore, for more understanding and presentation, you can get acquainted with the process of creating a paper figure, and then draw some preliminary conclusions.

To assemble this model, you must first print 26 sheets of A4. The template is designed to create a dog from colored paper, but still our Cocker Spaniel can be made from white thick paper. In this case, paper with a density of 200 g is used. But it is still worth noting that if you are new to this business, it is better to start with something simpler, although even the Cocker Spaniel template is not so complicated and even a beginner can take it, but for this it is worthwhile to approach nevertheless more responsibly.

After the sheets have been printed, they must be score, cut and bent along the fold line in the required direction. A more detailed process of creating figures, but for the example of the head of a fox, you can see in this article.

The final stage is the connection of parts with glue. To simplify the assembly of the model, there is an instruction with numbered parts.

In the end, should get this cute dog. In the future, you can enter this dog in a home decor or to please your baby, though as a rule the animal is unlikely to live in such a form for a long time.

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