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17.06.2018 1531

A person who first encounters paper figures and further shows interest in this does not always understand the process of assembling the figure itself. Someone at the sight of such a paper model has a desire to do something similar, but due to ignorance of how to achieve this, the idea of ​​creating his creation disappears.

This article shows a small process of creating a paper wolf head using a PDF template. Finished work can be used in the future as a home decor or a gift for your friends.
What you need to create a paper model? First, we will not do without stationery tools. What tool is needed and what it is used for, you can see in this article.
After we figured out what is needed from the technical component, proceed to downloading the template.

This template can be made in color from colored paper. To do this, on each page of the wolf's scheme, the color to be used is indicated. You can also replace one color with another, depending on your preferences. The main limitation of colored paper is that you can change the colors of the paper, but the paint area will not change. But in the case of paint, you can come up with its original painting.

After the model has been successfully downloaded, print the template on thick paper. The next action will be creasing the paper along the lines of the bends, then cutting and bending the parts in the direction of the line of the bends.

Then we connect the parts with glue. It is necessary to take into account that sometimes when gluing parts, glue snatches them instantly, but there are cases when it is necessary to wait for some time, otherwise, during the assembly process, the parts are not glued as needed.

This gluing process requires care, if the parts are stuck together in a wrong place, it can affect the entire assembly and the quality of the finished figure. Therefore, you need to carefully view the docking parts when gluing.

The finished model turns out to be very fragile, and it can be crushed without much effort, so you should take care of the finished work.

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