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My first trio

26.05.2018 2679


About the creation of paper figures, I learned only in 2017. Prior to this, none of my acquaintances was keen on such an occupation.


Carrying away with 3d modeling programs, I realized that it’s quite realistic to make a figurine of an animal, a person, or something similar out of paper ... but how much effort is needed at the same time? For example: 3D programs designed for mechanical engineering can create sweeps, but in order to create a scan of a complex shape, you need to kill a lot of time, which negates the desire to do something. The main problem is that such programs are designed for design purposes and these sweeps are made for simple shapes of sheet metal parts.


My mind changed when I stumbled upon an article. It was an article about a person who makes templates (scans) for creating paper models, namely OXYGAMI.


This attracted attention. I began to look for other authors who are engaged in similar things, and that author, indeed, was not the only one. Then I suggested that most likely there is such a program that is designed just to create a sweep on the model. Not knowing what I need to look for, I still found a program called Pepakura, although not immediately.


It remained to penetrate the process of creation, and make your first paper model. For a larger presentation, it was necessary to make some kind of figure from what is already there. I found an owl sweep curve and started making it out of office paper. The density of ordinary office paper is 80g. As a result, conclusions were made:

1) Do not make paper figures for bad templates;

2) Do not use regular office paper.


Let the first time was unsuccessful, but still I decided to continue. For further work, I purchased office paper with a density of 160g. It only remained to decide on what figure to implement. Not knowing who to ask for advice at that time (I was not aware of any groups, either), I decided to make my own model.


For some reason, my choice was made in the direction of the dragons. Having made a 3D model in Blender 3D, I started trying to bring this dragon to life. From the first time I did not do it and sent it to the trash can ... and from the second too. Probably, the problem was that you should not immediately begin with a difficult one.



After an unsuccessful attempt, I decided to try again, and if it does not work, stop at this. It was necessary to do something less heavy. And the choice was made in the direction of the cartoon fox. This model was not so heavy, and in the end everything turned out.



After the fox, was made a panda with a heart. Having completed the work with the panda, I returned to creating my first work, which was successfully completed.



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